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  1. Kinda hungry. Should go eat dinner soon.
  2. Both these songs are so moving. "Beautiful Things" has really helped some stuff I've been facing this year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR7VOKQ0xJY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjNtlUqaCZo&feature=related
  3. Saw this on your Facebook. Still beautiful as ever! Aaand here's proof that I haven't died XD missed it on these forums a lot :/
  4. Hey guys, I'm back! Long time no post O.o missed this place a lot.
  5. Samantha is actually my middle name. I think it means listener xD My first name is Tiya. I just looked it up and apparently it means "A Bird".
  6. Never smoked. Never taken an interest to it. I think I can safely say I will just never smoke. I can't stand it when people smoke either -.-
  7. Sarah means Princess lol I have no idea what my name means -.-
  8. I actually hate using flash but this is really cute :3 also, if you put a tissue or napkin in front of the flash while it's firing, the shadows should come out a little softer..
  9. I used to be able to write with both hands when I was little, but now I'm a righty
  10. Not ready at all to go back to school tomorrow. Spring semester, you better hurry up! >.<
  11. Thank you! Don't worry, I won't be burning out on this hobby any time soon! xD SO, it snowed today! Me, my friend, his girlfriend and his dogs went to the park this afternoon and I took the time to get some photos of them. I put them into a sequence thingy...truth be told, because they were very grainy in HQ. :/
  12. I love the depth of field in these pictures of your puppy! And your cat reminds me of a marshmallow with Heterochromia xD Anyway, these are pretty good for some of your first shots...my first picture with a dslr was a rose haha.
  13. Was he kissing her in the first pic? O.o lol They look like they're a little more than friends to me, but whatever. I'm gonna have to go with Jade and netsynter - he's not very attractive xD
  14. Thank you :3 and you're welcome. I think you might have posted this haha. Beautiful! Looking goooooood
  15. Thank you! And sure I can make a set for you just PM me what you want done (make sure the pictures are HQ if you want any) Just threw this together a few minutes ago:
  16. Your graphics just keep getting better and better, don't stop making them!!! But just one problem - you spelled 'swallowing' wrong xD sorry haha. Otherwise, they're great!
  17. Gorgeous, as usual lol, you're so cute! xD Nice pictures! This is kinda old, but I don't have anything new so whatevs haha.
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