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  1. Hey everyone be sure to go vote for the MTV movie awards, Harry Potter and Twilight are up for a lot http://www.mtv.com/ontv/movieawards/2011/
  2. Working on some blog posts for my blog and eating lunch
  3. Our tornado watch has no been extended to 2am, and it's really cooled off, down in the 70's now
  4. I'll start off. It's 84 degrees and the sun has gone in, starting to get cloudy. We are under a Tornado watch until 8pm which is only a half hour longer and severe thunderstorm warning till 2am!
  5. Jmarie


    I think my link is in my siggy? If not here: http://twitter.com/#!/StitchedTegan
  6. something better - I love the decals you have on your walls, and that is such a pretty pink color!
  7. If any of your girls watch Youtube beauty videos, there is one beauty guru who also does a blog on her outfits I love her and have gotten some amazing ideas. http://www.dulcecandy.com/
  8. I like this thread! My room changes A LOT. These were the pictures I had on my comp. I didn't feel like taking updated pics right now (lazy me) But my room has changed a lot from this picture as in rearranging and what not!
  9. Besides this one, I'm also apart of The Purse Forum (TPF)http://forum.purseblog.com/
  10. *BUMP* Are those release dates official? If so I CANNOT WAIT TILL NOVEMBER!
  11. My BF absolutely LOVES the BBC version of Top Gear, and when the USA version was released he got me into it as well. I'm a car chick so recently I started catching up on the BBC Top Gear. Gotta love it!
  12. I have a Sony Vaio and I love it!! I have yet to have any problems with it, runs great =)
  13. I am such a die-hard Gleek. I remember when they did that pilot for the very first episode and I actually thought it was the beginning of the 1st season, but it wasn't and I have to wait forever for the season premiere. I have yet to miss and episode!!! I'm actually watching it right now
  14. - Remember Me - The Last Song - The Notebook - Marley and Me
  15. Could someone refresh my memory, when does the next season start? June, July? I really miss it, they take FOREVER between seasons!!!!
  16. Friday - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows prt 1 Saturday - Water for Elephants
  17. Working on some blog posts! Getting ready to watch GLEE!
  18. Jmarie


    Thank you all, and yeah everything still looks the same, sucks that spammers have to ruin things sometimes!
  19. Jmarie


    I used to be a part of the emmawaston.net forum but I just noticed my link to the old forum doesn't work? So did they do an update and totally revamp the forum? IDK anyways I have to re register but I'm back!!! I go by Jeanna, 21 years old. I love Emma for her fashion and style she is such an inspiration and one of my favorite role models
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