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  1. In Finland everyone starts to learn English in third grade (age 9). Swedish begins at fifth grade or seventh grade (age 11 or 13) depending on your choosing. Those two are compulsory throughout the school system (primary & secondary). Then you can pick extra languages depending on what the school has to offer. Most popular are German and Spanish but other ones are taught as well. Every student has a right by law to study his or hers first language. So now that there are lots of immigrants more "exotic" languages are taught as well. Finns tend to be rather good at English but they can
  2. Anyone else scared of the Sorting? xD What House would you like to get into? I've always considered myself as a Ravenclaw. Might get sorted into Gryffindor or Hufflepuff though.. I'd be really surprised if I was put in Slytherin! Waiting for my welcome e-mail!
  3. I really didn't get Tumblr at first. But finally decided to join because I found it would be the best place to post my photography and maybe some graphics. Followed some of ya! Just joined but I proudly present to you: azil&leah
  4. Nina just tweeted: my second to last day in PITT for Perks. BBQ poolside to celebrate almost being done!
  5. Thanks for posting! Haven't seen him in other movies so it was interesting. Can't wait for the Ron/Hermione kiss!
  6. Cute banner, thanks for posting! (:
  7. Just had to post a clearer version. ♥ (from Hypable.com) I just love Ron especially.
  8. Aww, thanks for posting. ♥
  9. I'm blue da ba dee da ba die ^__^
  10. I really liked them. I can't explain but they were not "just paintings of Emma" they have that mysterious something in them. Like in the one where the paint looks wet and is dripping. That one was my favourite.
  11. azileea


    First pic I saw when coming to this topic. Like my late Tico! He was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the same colour too. He died of old age last December at the age of 9 (almost 10). I miss him a lot. He came to my dream last night. ♥ If I'm ever gonna get myself another dog, it would be from a shelter. No breeders anymore when there are so many strays.
  12. Reminded me of Joey from Friends. XD I approve!
  13. Nice pic! Thanks for posting!
  14. Anyone know anything about Nina Dobrev's part? She tweeted that she's packing (I guess to go do TVD promo) so she's not filming. Small part I guess. Or she's coming back or something. Just interested. (:
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