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  1. last thing I ate was lunch, which consisted of 2 packets of salt and vinegar crisps, half a raspberry ripple cheesecake and a mountain on vanilla ice cream last thing I cooked was super noodles and peas
  2. Lord of the rings: Return of the king (me and the girlfriend had a 'LoTR Extended Edition marathon day on thursday)
  3. me and the mrs at the peter pan statue in Hyde Park last weekend
  4. Ive met quite a few celebrities, cant remember them all, but they include Theresa May, Brian Blessed, Robert Downey Jnr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Potts, Lee Evans, Lemarr, lethal bizzle, most of the hoosiers, sub focus, and a whole bunch of other people
  5. 2 bottles of mountain dew energy and a pack of camel blues. Last fun buy was a shisha pipe and an inflatable sofa bed
  6. getting depressed at how expensive flats in London are
  7. hideous amounts of jagerbombs, and before that cinema tickets for the family (mothers day present)
  8. this an old one of me, the hair is a bit mental as I had been at work for around 18 hours straight when this was taken... looking through my photos there are alarmingly few where I look normal :/
  9. weighing up the prospect of working a really cool job in Italy for 6 months against not seeing my girlfriend for the time I am over there :/
  10. I used to always have to carry a lot of stuff around (I always had a laptopp, charger, phone charger, and all my tools/uniform/heaphones/earplugs etc.. for work with me to uni so I could stay on campus rather than trekking it home, rushing to get changed then trekking it back) so I always used a rucksack, as it happened it was 'jeep' branded and served me well throughout uni, although its starting to fall apart now, which is quite sad
  11. What's Amy Macdonald like live? She's always been a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, but I've never got round to seeing her.
  12. trying my best to scrub up for a job interview
  13. Spent a fair bit of new years day playing peggle to nurse a hangover...
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