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  1. Indeed he does. Makes my answers seem like footnotes rather than the article. Hah. Anyways, back on topic. Revan and I are still here to answer your questions about the LDS Church, so ask away.
  2. You're welcome. Revan is like an LDS Encyclopedia.
  3. To add to what Revan has said: In 1st Corinthians 15, Paul is speaking to the Corinthians about the Resurrection of Christ and about the Resurrection of the dead. In the latter part of the section, Paul describes how those both living and dead will be resurrected and made whole. We will become spiritual beings. In verses 40-41 it reads: These verses are the base for what Revan stated above about LDS belief in Heaven and the 3 degrees of glory we believe in.
  4. Appears that I missed a bit of a party. Props to you Revan for answering so diligently and articulate. I, too, am also here to answer any questions.
  5. Early morning non makeup, non showered, and uber Snape haired, but totally excited about my new Pottermore account! *jumps on sofa* credit to the iphone4.
  6. Got through this morning. Basically my only time trying this week and I got ridiculously lucky.
  7. No, Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints do not believe or practice Plural Marriage (Polygamy) In 1890, President of the Church at the time Wilford Woodruff released a proclamation, the 1890 Manifesto, stating that the LDS Church would discontinue plural marriages. This caused a major riff within the LDS Church and led to many leaving the Church. By 1910, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints had and was excommunicating any and all who entered into plural marriages. Since that time, many excommunicated members and those who left continue to practice plural mar
  8. I, too, am also a Latter-Day Saint and when Revan is unavailable, I will definitely be willing to answer questions as well.
  9. Masterpiece Theatre III - Marianas Trench
  10. Figured I'd give this a go. Taken the night of the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, just before dinner with the midnight crew. Sportin' the homemade shirt and rocked the broken pen wand. Credit goes to my dear iphone4 who makes my life technologically sound.
  11. Agreed about the Score for Part 2. I cannot listen to it for a long period, mainly due to the fact that it is definitely meant for background music during the various fight scenes within the movie. Half Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix both have excellent pieces that are quite memorable. It was nice to hear Dumbledore's Farewell during the pensieve scene in this movie, just a snippet of a past theme for me helps tie it all together. Of course, having 'Leaving Hogwarts' during the Epilogue was just the icing on the cake. A friend of mine and I were talking and we both believe that if
  12. So, I'm curious to know how people felt about the final Score for the movie composed by the master himself, Alexandre Desplat. As we all know, the music truly sets the mood for a film and Harry Potter is a wonderful example of doing exactly that. John Williams set a very high bar and honestly, Desplat has been the only composer since (at least to me) that I feel has really met that bar, with Nicholas Hooper close behind him for 'Half Blood Prince.' I'm grateful that they used previous themes in this one too from Williams and Hooper. For myself, I was very happy with it. My favorites have g
  13. Thank you David Yates for using 'Leaving Hogwarts' and making the ending a true ending rather than half-arseing it.
  14. The first time I remember seeing Alan Rickman was in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as a kid. He scared me then, but then I saw the first Harry Potter movie and I made the connection realizing it was the same person. I then saw him in Sense and Sensibility and that's when my love for him became real. Alan Rickman is my ultimate old man crush and I hope my future husband can deal with that someday.
  15. Amazing shots. Cannot wait for next week!
  16. Amazing shots. Cannot wait for next week!
  17. It is a valid concern and fear. And I know I have the same as well, just because of the last track on the Score composed by Desplat. The music is composed after the film and whether you accept it at not, the Score of a film sets the mood for the film, those moments that we love most. And though it is beautifully orchestrated, it is lacking something and I half expected a variation on Hedwig's Theme toward the end, but alas, there is none. I will not make any assumptions though until I've seen the film. But yes, I do have some fears and worry if it will really live up to my personal expectati
  18. Giggle and Cry at the same time. You can see the emotion behind those eyes... Friday the 15th cannot come soon enough!
  19. If you want some real nostalgia, check out this clip from the HPDH2 Photocall and Interviews the other day if you haven't already. My real question through this entire thing is, Where is my dearest Alan?
  20. I like them all. Especially the Eleven one. And I guess you are right about the facepalm bit. I saw it coming, but it wasn't until I saw the name that it just clicked in my head and I went "For reals? Psh." I also like the one with the quote from 'a good man goes to war' along the edge. I really do. I couldn't do that if I tried. Ha. Keep em comin and last question, might I use the Amy one for me sig?
  21. Thanks Michael. And Surya, It's great to meet you, again Glad to know there's still some oldies running around.
  22. Ha, Knackered. I'm definitely adding that to my everyday vocab. Could I maybe possibly request some Amy/Melody/River stuff? (Btw, Mid-Series closer, did it not just make you want to facepalm?)
  23. Lovelovelove your stuff. Definitely going to be checking back often for new things.
  24. Procrastinating to a ridiculous degree.
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