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  1. Thankyou.. I decided to make some Neville/Ginny icons & banners:
  2. I decided to make Backstreet Boys Thread. Anyone else a fan of them?
  3. I agree thats how I felt I did like some parts of the film but I also like the last two ones as well.
  4. Let's talk about the film Pirates Of Carribbean. How Long have you been a fan of the movie? Who is your favorite character or least favorite character? Favorite film out all four? Saw the fourth film?
  5. I like alot of the superhero films like Batman, Iron Man, Daredevil, Spiderman, and Green Lantern.
  6. OMG.. I saw that when I saw Cars 2 in 3-D.. I would love to see that..What other old disney classic would you like to see in 3-D? Mine is a tie between Beauty and The Beast and Pocahontas.
  7. I know me too it was like first 5 to 10 mins of Up im like aww man its soo sad..
  8. I made some Emma Watson Icons as well wallpaper:
  9. Here is mine I just made.. It's not excatly good I kinda mess up on it but I tried my best:
  10. I know... I love her outfits in the seventeen magazine. Especially with all the colors she just looks amazing in them.
  11. Hi my name is Brittany.. I'm 22 yrs old.. I live in texas,usa people known me as SmartGurl12488 or SmartGurl07..I changed my username cause I lost my password and when I gave to one of my different email address I didnt receive it so I decided to start over make my own account. I have been fan of harry potter since the 1st film came out in 2001. I started being a big fan of Emma Watson after Prisoner Of Azkaban came out in 2004. I think she is very talented actress and great role model. I have been making graphics artwork for about 6 yrs working on fan videos for about 5 yrs. Its been a fun ex
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