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  2. Happy belated birthday sweetheart <3 Many happy returns! I wish you have everything you wish for, because you're a great person <3 I'm really sorry I'm late I haven't been on :D

    1. Arie


      Thanks so much!

  3. Okay I'm quite a few weeks late, but I haven't been on for ages. Still a wish is a wish so happy birthday darling! I hope you have everything you wish for!

    1. BoMa


      Thank you so much Dina

  4. hahaha I totally read this in a german accent.

  5. You..You Trekie! Ughh! I have to go swim in my Star Wars pool for cleansing.

  6. haha I didn't even know his name, I just liked that expression. I only knew Tomas. YOU NERD!!

  7. I just saw that omg. Wait wut? :P

  8. Happy New Year Demoooo!I hope it's an awesome one for you and your loved ones :3

  9. Thank you for the wishes darling, that's all I hope for! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a happy new year! I wish you the best ever! :3

  10. Didn't know it was your birthday yesterday! Many happy returns kiddoe <3

  11. Thank you so much darling, it's wonderful *.*

  12. Gawh I love your set. Dany <3

  13. Ikr?!?! It's one of my many sexy faces y'know xD

  14. Niiice, sounds like a full and interesting summer! Not much really, same old c:

  15. haha oh you and your witty remarks! I am indeed, you must consider yourself lucky having found me :o Suppp JonJon? :3

  16. hahaha oh God, that's brilliant!

  17. Puhh I REGRET NOTHING! I can't stop looking at it! The background though.

  18. OMG why is this so perfect haha!

  19. *is searching for something pointy and sharp to poke you back* mmmmmmhm

  20. Thank you dear <3

  21. What a good little wolf I have *pat pat* Thank youuu Tommy <3

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