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  1. Oh, I haven't won yet. -perfect.shivers
  2. Need to decide how I'm going to get past this exactly. -perfect.shivers
  3. Has wayyyy to many posts already. =P -perfect.shivers
  4. My head hurts, I definitely win. -perfect.shivers
  5. Welcome! -perfect.shivers
  6. Like the forums! -perfect.shivers
  7. Hullo Tom. [= -perfect.shivers
  8. Torongo, mono.chromatic -perfect.shivers
  9. Nice to see someone a bit familiar. =] -perfect.shivers
  10. Waiting, but the time is now almost gone. -perfect.shivers
  11. Hullo admin person. =] -perfect.shivers
  12. Hopefully I will have the time to stay active. [= -perfect.shivers
  13. Yeah, I'm here. You guyz can probably figure out who I am soon enough. Hello all. ;D -perfect.shivers
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