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  1. I am so very much more hungry now. Delicous icons. -perfect.shivers
  2. Feel better. ]; Going to watch sum X-Files. I'm half way through this very long show. =D and D= -perfect.shivers
  3. perfect.shivers


    Pumped. -perfect.shivers
  4. Beautiful new icons. -perfect.shivers
  5. Yay, new graphics! They're beautiful! [= -perfect.shivers
  6. I was trying to find a nice brush or shape of an eye or angel wings, but no luck. D= lol, thanks! -perfect.shivers
  7. perfect.shivers


    Missing. -perfect.shivers
  8. Lovely graphics Lindy. [= -perfect.shivers
  9. That wallpaper. O.O AMAZING. -perfect.shivers
  10. Thank's Boma! That means a lot. [= Yar, me as well. [; A quick edit I did last night, tis not very good but here you are. -perfect.shivers
  11. Cute icons and lovely graphics as always. [= -perfect.shivers
  12. I'll miss seeing your graphics here! -perfect.shivers
  13. Thank you much! ;D I apologize for not being online for a while, I've been a bit busy and then I almost forgot about this forum entirely. >.< These have all been made probably almost 3 weeks ago to today. -perfect.shivers
  14. I really adore the coloring on some of the new graphics yoo made. Fabulous! ;D -perfect.shivers
  15. Congrads! Hope you enjoy being a mod. [; -perfect.shivers
  16. I was watching the live youtube footage last night, it was very frightening and saddening. I prayed quite a bit am again, I hope they make the best recovery they can on this. /= -perfect.shivers
  17. Thank yooo so much! <33 Thanks man, your encouragement is appreciated! -perfect.shivers
  18. Thanks Andrew! -perfect.shivers Thanks yoo! ;D I'm not sure how you've played it when you were little, as the earliest version was released in 2009. Wrong game perhaps? New wall. Siggie, I haven't made a siggie in seemingly forever. o.o Random man. -perfect.shivers
  19. Very pretty colors on Hermione! -perfect.shivers
  20. Wonderful new graphics Lindy! -perfect.shivers
  21. perfect.shivers


    Mixed. -perfect.shivers
  22. Wow, fantastic icons! Your pretty by da way. ^.^ -perfect.shivers
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