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  1. Banned cus I'm eating a bagel. -perfect.shivers
  2. Doing some posting and then I'll try something on Photoshop once again. -perfect.shivers
  3. Has around 5 times as many posts as me. -perfect.shivers
  4. Made a horrible graphic. Oh well, I'll try again. -perfect.shivers
  5. I'll spam the games room later. -perfect.shivers
  6. Oh my, thankee! [= Your quite lovely yourself! -perfect.shivers
  7. perfect.shivers


    Minecraft. -perfect.shivers
  8. ^Thats very kind of yoo to say! [= Didn't feel like removing the BBC watermark, or blending - so here's a quick[ish] graphic. -perfect.shivers
  9. Can't wait for school to start again. I'm beginning to not like weekends. Once I get playing Minecraft here though I'll probably have a change of mind. -perfect.shivers
  10. Gold maybe? -perfect.shivers
  11. Has been on the forums all day today on and off. -perfect.shivers
  12. Doing my possible last round of posting for today, then maybe making a graphic. -perfect.shivers
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