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  1. It was definitely much more quieter last night. I hope it stays that way. Hopefully most of the main troublemakers and those who organized the riots are locked up.
  2. Things appeared a lot calmer today, although that might just be because the media haven't be situated at as many locations. It's certainly been a lot better in London from the looks of it. I'd say today is worse in the sense that it has spread to more locations at a time rather than just London and a few others. It looks like it's just setting off again here in Liverpool, sadly. Luckily I'm far from the main place (around Smithdown Road), but it looks like there's a lot of rioters there, people breaking into shops, setting fire to buildings etc. Considering Liverpool (very wrongly) gets a lot
  3. Just-released Spec Ops survival trailer and a little sneak peek of multiplayer at the end. Compared to previous videos, this one does it for me. My concern was that it looked too like MW2, but this video has me hyped.
  4. Hope things are calm tonight, but I can see it continuing for a while... It moved into my city (Liverpool) last night but all was meant to be calm after about 5 hours. The riots in Liverpool happened in the South and Centre, but thankfully I'm in the North. If it continues tonight, then they really need to look at options like the Army, water cannons and a curfew. I think it's really time that the government starts being tough. Sad thing is that punishments won't be tough and a lot of people won't even get caught.
  5. I'm excited! I'm a big fan of Nolan and his previous Batman films. It's out on 20th July, but I've never understood why so many companies market a film as "Summer 2012" when there's a definite release date. I'm surprised no one has posted the teaser trailer yet, but I'm sure you've all seen it anyway. On-location filming began in Pittsburgh about a week ago, so there's quite a lot of leaked images and videos out there. If you're, this guy has some really cool videos http://www.youtube.com/user/subaruwrxfan Considering a big scene with lots of extras was filmed on Saturday, there are s
  6. boyle111


    Thanks. Followed back.
  7. Haha, thanks for the welcome!
  8. Call of Duty 4, GTA: Vice City and San Andreas are probably mine. Honourable mentions for the likes of Batman Arkham Asylum and Mass Effect 2.
  9. That was quite saddening to watch, to be honest. Good to see that Emma and her friends kinda saw the funny side of it near the end, but the paparazzi are such jerks. God knows what I would end up doing if I was a celebrity and bumped into them like that. Good thing that most celebs can keep calm about it. Goes to show something when the video has 10 likes and 201 dislikes.
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing how Liverpool get on. Oh wait, they're not in it again.
  11. Hi Ellen, thanks for the warm welcome.
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