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  1. I can't digest milk, so unfotunatley I can't drink milk or eat any milk products unless I take a pill, and I do that only for pizza...
  2. You are talking like that Jews came from diffrent countries and just occupied this country from the Arabs... I am reminding you that Jews came to israel at first because of the antisemitism in Europe, and they have settled in empty lands or bought lands from the arabs, we didn't fought for Arab lands, we got our lands in a legit way. After a while when the Jews developed those lands and built settlements, and defended those lands from arab gangs, the Un said that there should be two states and he gave the UN Partition Plan For Palestine, the Jews accepted it, the Arabs didnt, something like 5
  3. Provehito In Altum, are sure it won't be in the beginning of october? It will be hard to wait all this time if it will open lately on october
  4. I have pretty much the same opinion as Arie... I don't have a problem with a Palestinian state as long as the Palstinians aren't ruled by terrorists, unfortunately some of them are...
  5. In october everyone will be able to have a user in Pottermore? I have finshed reading all the books a couple of days ago and i really want to get in Pottermore...
  6. I still think it's improtant that someone will respond, not to start a fight, just to show our side so people will not hear only one side and will have a choice in what to believe to... 20 minutes from jerusalem, near modi'in, you live in israel?
  7. I am sorry about that, i didn't tryed to insult anyone but it can make you a little pissed when someone is saying terrible things that aren't true about your people, i have bought food today from arabs at a arab city, we didn't throw arabs from here...
  8. What the scriptures can say? When the bible was written the jews were in israel and then we were thrown out of israel, bet there was still a small community of jews in israel... After a long time, when the ottomans occupied this land, jews had started to come to israel(our ancestors land) because of the antisemitism and the zionist ideology, there were arabs here, but they didn't want a state like how that we wanted... The jews settled in empty grounds or bought grounds from the arabs, after the united nations partition plan for palestine, when we declared about our state, 6 arab armys had att
  9. I had lived in jerusalem and now i live in Modi'in(near jerusalem)... I had also lived USA for some time when i was a little kid....
  10. You aren't the only jewish person here anymore, I am jewish and i live in israel israel but i am an athiest... Are you a religious person? You are going to the beyt kneset and things like that?
  11. Economic Left/Right: -3.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.28 http://www.politicalcompass.org/facebook/pcgraphpng.php?ec=-3.25&soc=-3.28 As expected...
  12. In israel everybody learns english since 2nd grade in elemantary school, in middle school most of the students start to learn arabic or french...
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