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  1. thanks for saying you love this topic ! and yes, i quite agree. aspecially when snape was in school as well.....the coolest people for me, are people who never tries to BE cool,i guess.
  2. Hey, i was wondering. who's the coolest character for you in Harry potter.... not the best fighter, not the sexiest...not the smartest.....just, the coolest ?? for me, to be honest...i kinda think Luna is the coolest of all... probably, because she doesnt care what others think.
  3. ......... ............. .. this is amazing. feeling super sad now, .....wow, what a journey ! ...... long live us !, the real hp lovers.
  4. omg cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i would give the resorection stone to my dad, so that he could chat with his father...even just for 10min... invisibility cloak i would use for myself...im a very curious person. wand,....no idea. probably use it as well. love magic.!
  6. mm. the ring i always wear. my long vintage necklace. my notes book. my dog, (merlin) hehe my guitar. my leather jacket...hehe. these are so obvious tho, people would guess these things.
  7. (off topic) @Ashley..... i LOVE LOVE LOVE your siggy ! aaah
  8. hahaha. why does only ron have a belly. pfff hahah
  9. omg!!!!!!!!!! thats the most beautiful pic ive ever seen of rupert ! nice one.
  10. hahah ! love this thread. thank u for making me laugh !*
  11. Hi All ! i was just wondering who is your favourite HP actor, why, ? and your favourite pic of them. of course everyone love dan, rupert and emma. <3 as i do to. but recently, with Snape's story and the incredible sacrifice and beauty behind it, for today...im going with alan rickman.
  12. aaah sounds awesome ! marauder era, will probably be about James, Sirius, Lupin and idiot Pettigrew, yes ?
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