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    usually people with high foreheads look really good with bangs and if you want you can try getting your haircut neck level so it's not too short but if you want to go shorter you can
  2. i just cannot get used to emma with an american accent!
  3. the thing i hate about Letterman is that he is rude to his guest and ignores their wishes. He also has a habit of talking over them and interupting them. but i do think he's kind of funny. Fallon has his moments but i think he's just akward to watch. i would love to see Emma on Kimmel
  4. i really liked her hair color in the goblet of fire
  5. didnt she not get measured for this?
  6. i dont think it looks that much like her
  7. I loved the trailer! loved the music lol isnt it about these teenagers robbing celeberities?? and does anyone know the name of the song?
  8. yeah i read that in an article. I think i beleive oscar, i just hate how the media are turning against him when they themselves truly dont know. and i love how all of these people are coming out now and saying he has a anger problem and what not. i feel bad for him and i hope he does not go to jail. i hate to see when people are at the height of their career and they fall down.
  9. i can't really picture emma playing cinderella....maybe Bell. Wasnt she going to play Bell or did I miss something?
  10. Rena

    Beauty Advice

    I have curly hair and I would love to wear it down but it's just so frizzy and I always put curling cream on after I take a shower but it's still frizzy. I'm tired of wearing my hair up or straightening it. I've tried a lot of creams/mousses but none seem to work. The ones I can remember are john frieda,fructis, suave, dove, sunsilk (which was really good but they don't sell the brand here in america anymore) and I'm sure more but i dont remember. I wanted to try this shampoo called Bamboo for frizzy hair but it's $20 and the bottle was really small so i didnt think it was worth it. does any
  11. I was so excited to see Dan there! Kristen just makes everything so akward lol every year i watch the oscars hoping that it will actually be good but it was kind of boring. i loved seth. i just think the oscars need to pick different people to receive the award. like i love daniel day-lewis but he's already won twice. i wanted joaquin to win. the winners are very predictable.
  12. Those literally are the best snowman I have seen. Mine never comes out right.
  13. they don't know if he used the bat to break the door and then used it to hit her or if she used it to defend herself and he took it from he or what. the blood on the bat has not been idenified. yeah- at first i was like dead set into thinking he did this by accident... i wonder what could have made him so mad. i read that his blood is being checked to see if he was taking anything like steroids which can cause "roid rage"
  14. My link this article says that her head had been bashed and there was a bloody cricket bat at the scene
  15. it's starting not to look like an accident but I still can't beleive it. i really wonder if they would actually give him life if found guilty. i feel like bc he's a celeb he might get like 2 years.
  16. same here that's what I've been hearing a lot but maybe his adrenaline was rushing if he really did mistake her for a burglar
  17. I've been a fan of Oscars for awhile, so it was really shocking for me to see him arrested for killing his girlfriend. I honestly don't think he did it on purpose. Obviously I don't know him personally but from interviews I've seen and the stuff on twitter he writes I don't think he would go out of his way to kill someone. He always talked about God and life being a blessing. I kinda feel bad for the guy. And not to mention the poor girls family. His life is never going to be the same. What do you guys think? Accident or what?
  18. Rena

    Beauty Advice

    also, i use oil blotting sheets but the results don't last long and sometimes they make my face even more dry
  19. Rena

    Beauty Advice

    i'm very intrested in the oil control, i'm sure i can get it at sephora. Her products are kind of expensive but they do seem good, im anxious to try them! thanks for your help and the links!
  20. Rena

    Beauty Advice

    I've heard of Bobbie Brown products but never used them. They get good reviews.Are they expensive? and i definatley need the oil control before i got to bed, everytime i wake up in the morning it feels like my skin (mostly my forhead area) is like drenched in oil. thanks for the tips, you guys know alot about make-up/products i never wear make-up, frankly because im not very good at putting it on but i wish i was!
  21. Rena

    Beauty Advice

    Any good mosturizers out there that you guys like that's for combination (oily and dry) skin?? i've tried clinique and garnier and cetaphil but they just make my skin oiler.
  22. which picture are they going off of?
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