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  1. Snow Queen 2014 new series based on the LondoNoah Premier Dress.
  2. My next Series I called Simply Hermione, Showing Emma/Hermione in her Yuletide Ball dress.
  3. It has been a long time since my last posts but I am back I hope you will like ehat I have been doing. My first batch is also my newest I call these my Fairy Tale Series, 4 of them are based on an edit by the lovely Elena. DD
  4. I have used both but by far I prefer paintshop pro X5 (15), generally because I find it much easier & more intuitive to use than photoshop. To be fair photoshop does do several things better it's filters & the way you can customize text are much better. If I am honest I probably do not have the patience to learn how to get the best out of photoshop & as I am generally happy with the results i get from paintshop that what I will carry on using. Dave
  5. Different forums have different rules, apologies I was just following practice that most follow. D
  6. I did this yesterday the picture is from the Paris Midnight Rose launch party, Emma was obviously having fun & it certainly shows off her legs. DD
  7. I prefer Paintshop pro X4 service pack 1 myself, it is much more intuitive than photoshop, I do use photoshop when adding text & for some of the art media effect but in my opinion Paintshop pro is an order of magnitude better. DD
  8. AMS is a nice bit of software but it has a very limited pallette unfortuneately here are 2 more. DD
  9. I did cheat on that one I used a bit of software called AMS Photo Effects which adds special effects. BAsically it adds a semi transparent layer over all or parts of the picture which is what I did to the the 3rd image after creating the new plain background, I could have run it through paintshop again but my own personal taste is for lighter images. DD
  10. I know what you mean it has happend to me a lot, usually however the theives are total numpties whos only photo manipulation skill is cropping which is why I place a discrete semi transparant watermark somewhere difficult to remove. One idiot tried to pas one of my Angelina Jolie walls off as Emma Watson lol, on a site that allowed comments, needless to say i had a few choice phrases for him. DD
  11. I used to work at the college Emma now studies at so have some inside sources, I totally agree let the girl have a private life. DD
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