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  1. I only buy CDs if I really support the band and/or if they are doing special offers with it (buy the cd get a shirt). Recently bough the new Say Anything CD. Amazing stuff, if anyone is interested in having your mind blown
  2. If it makes you feel better, you guys have amazing scenery. Nothing like that here in the US haha.
  3. I never understood Yoga. I had to do it for a workout routine I was on for a few months and I never got into it haha. 15kg is about 30lbs right? Those should work just fine. Just make sure you slowly ease into them, you dont want to injury yourself.
  4. They do sell tea bags, but only in limited flavors...though that's not a problem really since all their flavors are amazing haha. Arizona Iced Tea They're mostly known for their tall cans though. Like Arie said, a can is 99 cents. They do sell the powered kind too. Not sure if they sell in New Zealand though...
  5. I was able to get in back in October and only lasted about 1 week on there. The new content is a good read but I honestly think the site is nothing to be hyped up about. I appreciate Rowling for what she's doing but I would much rather have all that extra content and art in a book.
  6. Well you don't want to stick to a 2lb weight because that wont build up muscle I would recommend increments of 5lbs until you reach your goal.
  7. This. The more reps the better for conditioning. Just make sure you don't over do it because that will cause muscle loss. Also make sure you eat a healthy amount of protein.
  8. There's usually a ratio on the box for making how ever much tea. I would experiment though because it all depends how strong you want the tea to be. I love Arizona Iced Tea. Their Green Tea with honey and Pomegranate with Acai are my favorites.
  9. My friend was telling me about that. Had to make it a big deal that if its frozen hot chocolate than its just practically frozen chocolate milk haha
  10. Why haven't I ever heard of these before? Pizookie - cookie pie with ice cream. If I could eat these all day I would. Oh and candied bacon is delicious.
  11. To be honest, I didn't think HP would win any of the awards. Everyone has to remember that the Academy was just looking at HP.2 and not the whole series in general. To me, the special effects/make-up was pretty much old news. Don't get me wrong, the special effects and make-up department did an awesome job, especially with continuity (for the most part) and with the size of the whole production, but they fell short with doing anything new for this movie. I do think HP should have gotten some sort of recognition though, and not just that snide remark about how much money it made. Not to mention
  12. True, maybe not character age wise, but I was referring more towards the theme of the movie.
  13. There are couple good shows today though. Adventure Time and Chowder should have been made for the 90's haha.
  14. I know the studio and producers aren't happy with that rating. The book itself is on the mature side even though it is a teen book. I just hope they don't dumb down the themes because they want to target a younger crowd (even though thats probably the case). Plus, it would be good to see Emma in a more mature role.
  15. Just read that it got the R rating. I was seriously doubting how good this movie will be but now I'm actually stoked about it. The R rating means they aren't cutting much out and that's awesome
  16. If they would just replace all the crap they show during the day with all the old school shows I would be more interested. It sucks that it's on so late. I did like it when they showed Doug and Are You Afraid Of The Dark because Netflix doesn't have those yet haha.
  17. Skateboarding. I've missed it so much.
  18. omg hi person who i should probably know who this is but i dont and i feel bad
  19. You, sir, took the words right out of my mouth.
  20. Thanks! I used to have my ears stretched, not anymore, they just look all saggy haha.
  21. I can watch this show for hours. Actually spent the whole day just doing that. Perfect sick day distraction :]
  22. Haha, its one of those things where you get addicted. If you go for it, make sure you do it right. Too many ppl rip their ears doing it all wrong. Just half for now. Itching for more but money's tight right now.
  23. Oh Kimmy, you have much to learn young padawon Really? That's what I went to school for haha.
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