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  1. I'm not a girl either, although I like to pose as one in chat rooms.
  2. Sacred_Path

    EW Forum

    probably once a day at least. It's not like I really expect to see something newsworthy from or about Emma every day, but the possibility of something happening is enough of an incentive
  3. FFS dook, the forum craps itself when I put url tags around something. As for Shepherd Emma, I can totally see that. As long as it's not just about her finding her sexual identity or a new take on gender roles (i.e. it doesn't matter that it's a female character), it shouldn't be too overdone.
  4. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/die-weisse-massai-the-white-massai/ no need to thank me
  5. None of which means that she's not going to stay in acting. I'm sure Emma will continue to be a caring person, but I think the days where she was outspoken on a lot of issues are over rather than coming. I think Emma is aware by now that political and social messages from movie stars often don't ring true, and that she'd never really be taken seriously on these issues until she leaves show business. Which I I just can't see happening and also isn't supported by what she says. She's said she was desperate to act when she didn't get any offers for a longer time; doesn't sound like she's going to
  6. Hey, just because you're dirty that doesn't mean... ok, fine, I just wanted to show some polite indignation on behalf of an often overlooked minority. I know it's your job
  7. On behalf of all primitive hominids, I politely protest. In the Neolithic people probably washed themselves. They also didn't crap where they ate.
  8. Uhm, I'm sure I've heard about deerskin clothing in the Neolithic. Not 'pants' per se of course, and maybe not in the Middle East. Crowe is supposed to be the family patriarch though, and he's usually looking like he needs a roast pig in a tub of potatoes every day just to maintain his blood sugar levels. So, the girls have to scrounge around in the underbrush for edibles. That may actually be realistic and historically correct.
  9. you do not have permission to view this attachment anyways, I already got Perks off Amazon.
  10. Emma absolutely looks like someone who could have survived on a diet of roots and berries.
  11. There are no quotes in the most recent updates, maybe that's where you got your impression from? Apart from that, yeah, snoozefest.
  12. That's not a problem if the plot is realistic, maybe mundane. If you copy ideas that are far out there, it's much harder to find a good reason for it. There's a reason why fantasy literature that is derivative of Tolkien gets downgraded because of that.
  13. and she really likes herself better with short hair?
  14. let's construct a worst case scenario: Christians: OMG BLASPHEMY Atheists: the hints at the existence of a higher power are troubling Agnostics: that's some cheesy shit Jews: I hope I can get a refund
  15. It was pretty clear that a movie based on a fantasy comic based on a Bible story would get mixed reactions, no?
  16. I didn't say that 50 Shades is porn, only that the dividing line is very, very thin.
  17. IMDB has a Sam Taylor-Johnson listed for director, is that still up to date? Because she doesn't exactly seem to have much experience in the feature film category. Which is probably why people are copping out; not because it's particularly disgusting, but if you want to get naked and kinky with low production values, you could just do porn.
  18. What if a family and children were exactly the catalysts that would help her to mature? There's a huge difference between being 20 and 30 IMO. Especially as far as sorting out all kinds of confusions goes, which is the vibe I'm getting strongly from Emma right now.
  19. Nah. The learning process I'm thinking of will happen naturally on its own as she matures. Which doesn't mean that she'll definitely take on roles like 50 Shades when she's older of course. Come to think of it, it must be hard to relate to a sexual fetish you don't have, and it's hard to be convincing if you can't relate to something. I have no idea why some men like to wear women's shoes, for example. And acting like it for a whole movie would be... tough.
  20. I don't think so. If you have a problem with the glorification of violence in pop culture, it doesn't make you a worse actor/ actress if you don't accept that kind of role, for instance. Of course you could call it a lack of acting prowess if someone doesn't manage to play some specific role convincingly, but then there are limits to everything and also to what an audience accepts from a given person. If you can't overcome their disbelief it's not entirely your fault IMO.
  21. Something like that, probably. Let's remember what she said back when HP ended: no more blockbusters, no more fantasy movies, no American highschool movies (she didn't stick to the latter two). Add some high standards and you have a recipe for unemployment. 50 Shades is a curious matter though. I'd really like to know why exactly that's a no go for her. Does she find the idea of a sex slave demeaning? Is it simply not her own preference/ not something she thinks she could do convincingly? Is it just the shoddy writing that turned her off?
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