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  1. While she may not generally lack job offers, by now I doubt by now that she has been offered a lot of good/ interesting roles (or movies). She took YVIMH, then it got cancelled, then she accepted again. At first I thought she only accepted to work with David Yates, but now it seems like she's willing to jump through a few hoops just to get a good role. Also she has admitted that there were some dry spells where she wouldn't get any offers at all.
  2. That's what I meant by more quiet. Thing is I have an easier time picturing her as someone who's intense (or bipolar and suicidal) like in YVIMH rather than her being in a comedy. But we'll see.
  3. Not really spreading her wings there, I think. There will certainly be some serious undertones amid the light banter. Kinda like with Perks, just a little more quiet. She might not have accepted the role if it wasn't for Chbosky.
  4. they are specifically looking for an appartment with a fire escape >.>
  5. Glancing over MSN news: "superpower faces ruin" serves me right for using hotmail
  6. Evy Lynch tweeted about it too, some time ago, FWIW.
  7. The day Adebisi makes a useful post, I'll think someone hacked his account.
  8. WTF is an Emma West? I get no sensible results other than some racist mom.
  9. She said in an interview that she used to look up things about herself on the net. We can only speculate if this included forums, let alone this particular forum.
  10. I'm pretty pumped for Your Voice In My Head. If all goes well, it may become the new referential title as far as Emma's skills go.
  11. If I had to convert someone to Emma fandom and I could show them one movie it would probably be Bling Ring. The other movies we've seen so far were for a specific target audience (teens).
  12. great, now you made Adebisi say something. Do you really want that?
  13. Emma inspires me because I'm mostly bored/ unimpressed by modern art; but with someone like Emma, it showed me that if an interesting personality is shining through a piece of art, that can make it interesting too. IOW, I wouldn't care about most movies if it wasn't for Emma.
  14. Because I'm a fan, not a fanboy. Unfortunately, some people here are unable to appreciate the difference. I think they're more suited to send Emma retarded messages on Twitter, or spam their tumblr with pics.
  15. If WB really has the rights to do more movies in the HP universe as they see fit, I'm not sure I want this movie to succeed financially, as they won't give it a rest anytime soon then.
  16. Lost in translation alright. Let's just say that "can I see Uranus" doesn't really work in German
  17. Uhm... did she sell the rights to HP altogether? In that case, yeah, I wouldn't want my artistic vision compromised either. As for the pseudonym, she certainly wanted to see how well the book would be received on its own merits. I don't think that the wish to avoid publicity was the deciding factor there. I suspect honest curiousity mixed with possibly a bit of shyness considering she's new to the genre. But I imagine that the overwhelming emotional reaction she got out of people with HP must be something she's missing (she's still answering fan mail AFAIK).
  18. Has someone actually read this book? Do you feel it would make a good movie? For WB this is certainly a cash cow, but for JKR, I think it's more of an ego cow. HP is simply a different affair from obscure crime novels and simply less popular books like Casual Vacancy.
  19. Excited would be said too much, but I'm interested.
  20. Fiddling around with Divine Divinity for nostalgia reasons
  21. I think Jonny was like "let's all go and look at Emma Watson's house!" and they were like "uhm... nooo... actually... we hate Emma Watson".
  22. Burning pizza in my oven. Good thing there are no smoke detectors here
  23. Is it possible that these Englishmen were... wait for it... lying through their teeth? Move along, nothing to see here.
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