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  1. my friend say the guy that's on my icon/sig looks like a girl he kinda does, at least on that gif anyway lmao
  3. ty and yeah though it changes... depending on the light and what color im wearing lol u can see the color better on this one
  4. NÅttaeme jakkuman nae gasÅ­mi NÅttaeme jakkuman nae momi stupid song stuck in my head
  5. something is seriously wrong with the world
  6. i think im a little obsessed with tumblr o-o
  7. omfg you're so pretty!! i dont think ive seen you before, but seriously your really pretty :3 heres me~ yeah idk what i was doing
  8. eh bout 2-3 years? i still have a lot more to learn but yeah idk lmao i think its easier if you actually like it and really want to learn it and i also think its better if you start by watching or listening to shows/movies/songs in that language i think is better like that to hear and learn how they express along with the grammar and shiz idk how to explain lol but um yeah :3
  9. i bought a shinee t-shirt for bout 25 USDs and my sister says its too much cause i dont even know if its original... IDC
  10. hey its ur money do it if you wanna >3
  11. no way its teh kee are ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TeeJvcBdLA
  13. at home- morning glory (i think its called like that? lmao) cinema- i am number four
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