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  1. Which bit of the film are you doing to see most in the Part 2?
  2. Nice one. Is allowed to be uploaded on the internet though? Just curious.
  3. "You *whack complete *whack* @rsehole! *whack*" I know I'm deaf, but I definately heard that in the cinema! *gasp* When I saw Hermione looking peeved when she sees Ron, I let out accidently "uh oh" a bit too loud, some of the auidence just nodded and laughed haha
  4. No chance Em . Hope you enjoy cabin fever!
  5. *record scratches* When did I call you Shirley?
  6. Welcome back Em! How is she managing the jet lag, I know its only 6-8 hour plane journey, but surely its going to bug her body system a wee bit. Went to Tokyo a few times this year and last year, and their jet lag hits you like a ton of bricks!!
  7. *stammers* *more stammering* *loss for words* *in a trance of her beauty*
  8. I'm sure we can throw common sense out of the book as well. As an idea, when it comes to the front, to stay there, simply hook arms for the last remaining hours until the stars that arrive, that way, the rude folk cant find an excuse to squeeze their way through .
  9. That gives us a slight advantage if its on a weekday. The weekend premiere was absolute murder!
  10. My god, every time you put that picture up, I'm still suprised how big I used to be five years ago. Jo still looks lovely On a serious note, it was a pain trying to stay at the front when so many people are trying to squeeze through. Can I suggest a plan where we stick to one place, and we all share the front row at a time?
  11. Trust me mate, I know the feeling that she had gone through. You'd be suprised how much time you find to fit it in and still have the time of your life . I do a lot in the outside world myself, can get stressful but the results in the end are worth it.
  12. *walks into topic, with a chair, sets it down, grabs some popcorn* AWWW it was starting to get good!!
  13. While I agree the context you put in. I slightly disagree with the option for Oscar. While she acted brilliantly in the film, I didn't think she had the bite for an Oscar like Heath Ledger did (R.I.P dude)
  14. She's done the same message on Facebook as well *assuming it's her that input the info*
  15. Gah, I've done it again, can a mod change the name from "Deadly" to "Deathly" please
  16. Me on the left competing in the Karate Championships this past Saturday.
  17. Read too much into it there mate. I was asking how shes been getting on since me and Big Daz last saw her. Would be cool to get in contact with her again, she was a great laugh!
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