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  1. Hi welcome ......i hoping you do good job here
  2. kriahna


    welcome hoping you enjoy here
  3. Hi All, I believe in Hindu religion and like to worship Krishna idol . my personal option is that every religion is best and it's own place , so do not like to compare religion . when we talk about religion and it faith Then we see there is lot of difference so i think both are two separate issues . Hindu religion is third largest religion in world , me and my family like to go temple every day because we strongly believe in Hindu religion
  4. nothing ..this is same as it is .....
  5. i like to sleep and eat good food , i think is luxury for me
  6. make it one day before ....Christmas day
  7. kriahna


    Do you smoke? I do not like to smoke ... When did you try? I do not want to try this ... Have you ever tried to stop smoking? I advice you to stop smoking .....
  8. i like India team , Dhoni is my best player
  9. yes you really put a nice debate about the religious topic , i do not believe the old and new testament , it all what you thinking and your faith . I believe in Hindu religion and my Holi book is Bhagavad-gita As It Is, I do not think testament change with time so what you think please share your views
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