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  1. She looks great. I mean, seriously great.
  2. It'll be interesting to see how she styles it as it grows back. I wonder what it'll be like at the next premiere.
  3. It'll be on BBC iPlayer. If it doesn't let you watch it, use a proxy.
  4. Is there not something similar in the US? A lot of people do tend to wear them in the UK.
  5. Well I just completed the campaign, it's good but not great. Multiplayer is very good though. Although no Call of Duty will ever take CoD4's throne I reckon.
  6. Girls just all seem to have great handwriting. Mine is atrocious.
  7. MW2 will be hard to beat, but I'm fed up of quickscoping. Think they've got rid of it in Black Ops. Speaking of which, mine arrives tomorrow morning...
  8. I would do but it's on at like 8am. No chance i'll be awake!
  9. Do you have many leather bound books? Does your apartment smell of rich mahogany?
  10. In all fairness, it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that people haven't heard of her. When Michael Jackson stood trial a few years ago they had to find people in the jury who hadn't heard of him. They took some finding, but people like that do exist.
  11. I wouldn't say I was dirty minded! Words are everything these days and can easily be misconstrued. For example, you could help your Uncle jack off a horse, or you could help your Uncle Jack off a horse. See what I mean?
  12. Yes, definitely. Would you eat a tarantula to meet her? (I heard it's a local delicacy in Cambodia )
  13. I agree with what you said. Although I hate to say it, I reckon they'll be a lot of guys out there who'd want to "use" Emma, just so they could boast that they had. I hope she doesn't fall for any of that. By the way, were you Carlos Spiceyweiner?
  14. I hate the daily mail so much. It's the only newspaper that regularly reports about Emma, but they never have anything nice to say. This facebook group says it all really:- http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=269512464297
  15. I work at Morrisons on grocery. I've been there part time for the past 2 years, and I'm working there more now that i'm on my gap year until I get to uni next year. Ultimate aim is to be a pilot.
  16. Was it just me who took 'blow off' to mean something different?
  17. yorkshire

    hi dere

    I've seen GnR (or their latest incarnation, Axl Rose and friends)
  18. I'm 6'2" ish last time I checked. Pretty good height to be!
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