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  1. Im sorry for this....Jesus. I guess I should leave it as a shameful reminder of what I become when I am drunk. Anyways...good party it was, nobody died but we started too early.
  2. Just took some selfiey photoshooot, yeah Wooohooo, you know how hard it awas to upload this so please, good comments only. Now you know how i look oh my...sooo bye gotham needs me nananananana SPiiiderman And you can see my girlfriend on some pics iykwim (if you knwo what i mean hihi) Nigro please Oh yeah haPPY birthday, rounds on mee!
  3. Pictures everywhere, Emma Watson is really beatuifuyllll yeas why im a here
  4. Yes. i mean i love emma wooohohoo
  5. "Hold on to your butts" - Samuel L. Jackson
  6. Rage Against The Machine - How I could just kill a man Listen to them, they send a good message.
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