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  1. I hope the play will be good and will be a treat for everyone who sees it. lol. but i do like the look of the new trio. (Oh my they look older than the movie trios aging though.)
  2. RIP Alan Rickman You will be missed. Besides in HP, I loved him in Dogma, Die Hard and Robin Hood and Snow Cake.
  3. I found this video on YT (Emma promoting Noah) its called Emma eatson prank https://youtu.be/Tlrvif8nrck Note what she said about Ron and Hermione here..
  4. Hahha they are always thinking alike, enjoying and disliking the same things.
  5. ^^ I know that. I just meant that I am intrested in the WORLD of Harry Potter not Harry himself, he is not part of THIS story but he is a part of the world that I'm a fan of.
  6. Hm. This play is about Albus-Harry son. I wonder about this. hopefully there will be ways to see the play or parts from it-so I wait with my comments I don't wanna judge anything..
  7. I'm very intrested in the world of HP. Harry's story have been told. What I do hope for is to get more about the world. But I dunno if these spin offs will give me (us) more or not.. , but there are alot more that I want!
  8. Matt is one of my favourites from the hp cast. I really like his tweets. Yeah, the media have definitively had their grintson moments!
  9. ahh Kristin, don't forget yourself. To me YOU are the one keeping these two threads alive more than anyone + a strong shipper supporter.
  10. Very nice pictures. She looks really good in dark hair.
  11. Hi and welcome ! It really feels good to be back. She must be a shippa, why else bring EMMA up, how did she even knew that Emma kalls him Rupes? He looks really good anyway, I'm so happy to see him he looks so fit.
  12. Thank you guys ! And you always write posts that say just about what I think about it all!! and you rock for keeping calm and staying strong.
  13. Rupert, happy birthday-a bit late I know!
  14. I just saw this trailer! Looks good, and David Thewlis is also a good actor!
  15. This sounds really good. The first film starring Emma that I actually feel will be my cup, I have high hopes for both film and Emma,
  16. I hope this one will be good. and that she'll do a good job too.
  17. JON great post, as always! And the same goes for our number one shipper, you girl ^^ I REFUSE to believe that Ron would not be the right for Hermione. I cannot fatom how such a great character like Ron even can have readers that hate him, and totally missunderstand him, the always see the less good side of him and never the good side. Some even wanted him dead! And all because the want Harry To be with Hermione? Well he will always be my favorite. and Ron and hermione ARE meant to be with each other and they make a great couple.
  18. Hallo guys, I'm back and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for these two! And You ^^ girl IS the best, I love you posts! Oh yeah! This is the old trixie, I had to create a new username because I don't use my old mail address anymore and I couldn't remember the stupid pass word.
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