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  1. banned because you have a cool quote.
  2. Yeah, I've decided not to do it. It will cause more drama. I am affected but I have to move on & just get over it. Breakups suck. But yeah I'll live, thanks for caring. Im about to go to sleep. It's almost 2am. Woah.
  3. Contemplating the idea of deleting my ex from FB.
  4. Banned because you didnt learn from the first time. xD
  5. I'd like to be fluent in French. I just know the basic things.
  6. Banned because you're a devoted member and I'm jealous.
  7. Watching the Emmy awards 2013 recap.
  8. banned because this game brings me memories.
  9. I'm really bored. Procrastinating u.U
  10. That's hot. I'm loving the look. && I want to see the movie, hopefully soon
  11. I was hoping they still be together, they make a cute couple. && Craig is a hottie
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