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  1. worked from home, felt like crap, published 4 articles, took a look at our analytics,
  2. Idk I loved it from the Beginning. Season 2 especially and now season 3 is just so crazy amazing.
  3. In terms of renting/ borrowing that happens for every celeb at ever event. Typically they are on loan. Any celeb who uses a stylist, so most, wear those outfits on lens. Especially the vintage or archived pieces. I guarantee most of the shows Emma has worn were a loan. She probably doesn't rent them because designers want her to be seen on their clothes. Also with a stylist she wouldn't rent them just pay the styling fees.
  4. Obsessed! It is my favorite show right now!
  5. Very nice of her to participate! @Johnny, really? Daily Mail is your credible source? Oh jeez....
  6. Well for my Bday I still can'r decide what to get but I am owed a present! For Hannukah (which is SO soon): I would like to be able to celebrate with my family and another year of Glossybox! Also, to take a trip to Israel to visit me besties and family.... but I know I am getting that
  7. At work but no one else is here yet so I am just goofing off till my day of meetings begins.
  8. Arie

    EW Forum

    Once a day to check my PMs. I have a lot of old friends on here that I love to keep in touch with but I don't go around the forum much anymore.
  9. On the plus side, working from home. On the down side, I have to some annoying work on out ad servers. I want to sleep
  10. I think that this movie sound great! Super cute and fun! Definetly interested to see the direction in goes in and who else jumps on board.
  11. So Dax forced me into this... Weirdo jk!!!!! Hmmmmm I'm going to go with Grace OMalley which the Internet informed me is a female pirate name. Lol
  12. I am excited that she is doing another film but this specific one does not interest me at all. Still super excited and happy for her though, no complaints!
  13. Beautiful Creatures.... its okay. I'll finish the series but they are just sort of eh.
  14. Omg I cried. I love Ezra he is the one person I never concidered. I can't wait to find out that story. Especially since he knew from the second he and aria hooked up in the first episode. I want to know his story! One of the writers or producers. Someone released a statement that this is not going to be like Toby. That Ezra is the real deal. They aren't saying for yet weather he is real A or not but that he is extremely close. Oh man that was an amazing episode!!! Also it comes back for Halloween but we don't find out me in that episode then I think 4B starts in January wich blows!
  15. Oh hey.... someone's just casually chillin on the corner looking fresh
  16. Catching up on some TV and relaxing before life gets hectic again.
  17. Hahaha wow I am behind the times... thankss!
  18. Finished with everything I had to do.... not tired yet... bored... so the usual
  19. I have been having an internal debate about what 2Q means. I am going to assume it is a compliment and say thanks! Hahaha
  20. If you would have paid attention you would have seen that Patz1307 is a new member. When you first come on here as a new member it is not always so obvious which threads are way over and done with. S/He was most likely only responding to something they found interesting. We should be welcoming not rude.
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