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  1. No. Would you have no cellphone for three years to meet Emma?
  2. I can understand it . It's a magical language.
  3. These are some of the different English and British words. Please add more I know I missed some I hope this becomes useful. (American)-British (Apartment)-flat (argument)-row (baby carriage)-pram (band-aid)-plaster (bathroom)-loo (can)-tin (chopped beef)-mince (cookie)-biscuit (corn)-maize (diaper)-nappy (elevator)-lift (eraser)-rubber (flashlight)-torch (fries)-chips (gas)-petrol (guy)-chap (highway)-motorway (hood of a car)-bonnet (trunk of a car)-boot (jello)-jelly (jelly)-jam (movie theater)-cinema (soccer)-football (truck)-lorry (zip code)-postal code
  4. I apologized but you didn't accept. Now I could careless about your opinions.
  5. Here is some i feel are the best of the best I've taken
  6. oh sorry. I thought there would of been like Mods could see how many hours a person visits this site and logs
  7. I'm excitied for christmas!!!
  8. Well it was a heated argument. I probably was out of line. I admit and I apologize
  9. I could care less what she's wearing. The dress doesn't make her fabulous, she makes the dress fabulous.
  10. I dont know about the sexier image. :/ I just love her innocence right now it's perfect
  11. http://www.sponkit.com/will-emma-watson-pursue-sexier-image/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+sponkit+(Sponkit+Celebrity+Blog) Emma states that she wants to pursue a sexier than school girl type one. What do you guys prefer?
  12. Anyone else have photo's they would like to share???
  13. I wanna be a pokemon trainer but What do I know.
  14. Do we really need to have 100 post. i'm active but I don't post a lot only if I have an opinion. I can be a really good Tech Guide.
  15. Here are some pictures of my visit at Toronto. Due to the limit of picture I can post in one post, I'll make another post.
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