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  1. Annoying News. ANyone planning to get there on the 7th, dont bother. You have to get a wristband to view the event at 10 am from trafalgar sq on 6TH JULY. the public viewing stand is open from 10am 6TH JULY. they are really screwing ppl over i heard about a lot of people travelling on the 7th who are really annoyed now. LinK to warner bro's site/statement : http://wwws.warnerbros.co.uk/harrypotterworldpremierevisitorinformation/access-to-viewing-areas.html
  2. only watch this if you want to be spoiled. I REPEAT ONLY WATCH THIS IF YOU WANT TO BE SPOILED
  3. lmao that gif is quality man i never thought of that kristen....i hope i dont get trampled im goin to visit platform 9 and 3/4 next wednesday
  4. guysss!!! the world premiere is NEXT WEEK!!!! is anyone else going? soo excited... i got my sleeping bag ready LOL to camp on the floor at trafalgar square
  5. Nope its free to go to the red carpet event, you can only get in to the see the film if you win a competition though
  6. Ok folks, its getting near!!! im camping out on the 6th with my friend whos coming over from america!!!
  7. hell yeah...and im gonna be there!
  8. Dumbledoores woman, you can join us if you want were not bookin hotel, gonna be hardcore and camp out at leicester square!
  9. well im going to London on the 6th the day before and my friend and i are camping out over night at leicester sq! so excited :D i may just die of excitedness
  10. i just booked my train tickets to London for this!
  11. AHHH FOLKS, i just gotta tell ya that i just booked my tickets for travel to London for the DHpart 2 premiere!!!! SO FREAKIN EXCITED
  12. heres a report i wrote for mugglenet After our three hour train journey we finally made it to the Apollo Cinema in the West End of London for about 13.25, the queue was already way down the street! Unfortunately I missed the cast arriving due to my train not getting in early enough. They started to let everybody in at 13.30, the entrance hall was amazing, there was a giant arch way with the characters on it and giant letters making out 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1'. After signing in we were led downstairs to a waiting area where there were lots of giant potter posters and fr
  13. Hey! I'm still in london rightt now but wanteedd too let u no that the dvd event was amazing!! Got so much pottter stuff! But emma wasn't there
  14. helloooo folks,ive just got back to england and the launch is tomorrow getting a train to london in the morning
  15. saw this on weds when it came out. pretty darn amazing, the soundtrack is awesome, emily browning looks stunning. its a really sad film actually.. the opening scene is kind of one of those that will stick in your head for a while. i think im gonna see it again tomorrow
  16. im annoyed theyre releasing all these deleted scenes before the dvd comes out. im refusing to watch any of them lol
  17. http://dramatic-sheep.tumblr.com
  18. im obsessed with tumblr, its true! http://dramatic-sheep.tumblr.com
  19. hey folks, they just announced that matt lewis, evanna lynch, natalia tena and warwick davies are doing a blu ray launch event in London at HMV so im guessing theyre gonna be at our launch party...no mention of emma or rupert yet though
  20. Hey folks, sorry i havent been around a LOT lately, but only this week and next week of teaching then im FREE for three weeks going back to england... mind you i still have to work on an essay for Uni. I've been avoiding all the DH stuff lately so as to not be spoiled by anything, i dont even wanna see the deleted scenes thathave been released off the DH1 dvd...haha im excited though because next week is the blu ray launch and im seriously hoping that emma wilbe there coz we get meet&greet. eeep!
  21. my diary my heart shaped locket my teddybear albert haha
  22. i took my gap year in between finishing college and going to uni (07) from summer until January i worked at a local supermarket where i Live to save some cash, then from January to June I moved to france and worked at this activity center/summer camp for kids. it was great fun, probably one of the best times of my life
  23. the last scene they filmed on DH filming was the fireplace escape from the ministry of magic wasnt it?
  24. Thanks so much!! i am so made up for this thread, yay for the r/hr poster hopefully i will be meeting them on april 10th!
  25. OK folks! I just got the email today about the event on 10th april and where it is and whats happening. We're seeing a screening of DH part 1 (i wish it was part 2 hahaha maybe they'll surprise us...) There will be a Q&A with the cast (seriously hoping this could be rupert and emma? tho im guessing not dan...maybe Tom felton ) and finally i will get my personalised limited edit. blu ray of DH. So - if theres any questions you guys have that i can submit for the Q&A that would be good :D Seriously hoping i get to meet Emma and Rupert. oh and final point... im 22 today
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