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    iPod, iPad, iPhone Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton
  2. Wow you have a great taste! Deutsches Requiem is fantastic. Do you know Mozarts requiem as well? Nice, isn't it? What of Purcell have you heard? I sang in Dido&Aeneas when I was 14 . Great music.
  3. Welcome to the forums. Emma does not visit these forums. None of us has personal contact with her or has her email adress. If you want to visit her official website, you can do that here. P.S. I hope the mods don't mind about me saying this .
  4. A house for myself is the first thing I think of. And a lot more concerts to go to .
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    Oh, that's hard... Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries Classical music, heavy metal, jazz
  6. I'm 20 and I've never smoked or even tried it. Of course I've felt curious about what it would be like, but I'm completely sure I will never try it for several reasons: first, singing is my biggest passion and want to keep doing that. Smoking would ruin my voice. Second, if I want to stay in good health, I don't think smoking will help me.
  7. Crudités and a baguette which I ate with smoked salmon .
  8. I get it ...when I came on I first thought: okay what is this?
  9. Hi everyone, I have a problem...I was sick last Monday night (threw up once and was in bed on Tuesday), but picked up my normal rhythm from Wednesday on...the problem is that ever since, my appetite has vanished. I usually have a good one, but I've really eaten very few since Tuesday. I have a friend coming over for dinner tonight and I really don't know what to serve since I don't feel like eating anything...what to do?
  10. False Your favourite animal is a cat?
  11. Going to make chili con carne tonight .
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