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  1. pictures made for tumblr:
  2. thank you!! and omgsh i LOVE your set!!!!! but i mean, he should be kissing me
  3. i wanted to wait but i just couldn't!!! haha i like drop dead beautiful and how i roll the best i think.
  4. sigh i caved and downloaded the leaked CD ... LOVEEEEEEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. awee boo i loved the red hair
  6. love te hermione icons <3
  7. in my thread at the other forums i posted the videos and such that i make so i thought i'd post them here to since they're a bit of an art in themselves! anyways here are my two newest videos! AshFace Productions
  8. i really like Racheal and Finn together and Kurt and Blaine. I'm a new Gleek though. I only started watching when Britney Spears came on and then I was hooked!
  9. thank you guys so much <3 you're awesome!
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