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  1. i love Darren <333 but i think the whole show is great. it's hilarious and the covers are awesome.
  2. you got the leak? haha nice. i'm waiting to get the actual album. as much as i don't want to wait....as hard as it is to wait.....i'm gonna do it!!! haha
  3. ^omg that's like my FAVORITE picture!! i printed it and put it as the cover of my binder
  4. some michael jackson stuff
  5. i saw that you did! thanks! <3 thank you
  6. thanks! and she def is i love younger pics of emma! such adorableness!!! anyways, more Tumblr edits
  7. Ashley

    Vivid Dreams

    awe you make really awesome gifs!
  8. me too haha she's adorable!
  9. thank you hun i made some Emma edits for Tumblr
  11. thank you they're my favorite to make <3 love those boys!!! thank you i get all my pics from Tumblr or from: http://j-ackles.com/photos/ & http://j-padalecki.org/imgs/ and don't worry i'll be getting to it
  12. i love the duck pics. his sister is a great photographer! and a really awesome singer too!
  13. man i wish you would've replied sooner! we could have met up!! haha. but yeah i was really happy with it except the gift shops...everything they had i could just buy online.. i wanted to see some original stuff, yah know? but the butterbeer was YUMM! I got the frozen one and OMG i hope they do make it bigger!!
  14. thanks! thank you! i got alot of compliments on it made me feel awesome! hah you HAVE to go!!!
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