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  1. Ashley

    Vivid Dreams

    that's beautiful! i love it!
  2. sure i can send me pics to use and id love too! thanks and he is perfect!!!!
  3. wait there's a british version of life on mars?!
  4. thank you ohh yeah i also meant to post this one:
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VHaX3BAJE0&feature=player_embedded wow. what do you guys think about this? i'm pretty disgusted to be honest. i think it's because my sister looks up to her, and she's going to see this, and i unno. i feel so bad for the people who look up to her. she's clearly NOT a good role model AT ALL. and poor billy ray. this is what he said about this:
  6. i cute my hair..my face looks retarded, but it's the best one of my hair haha.
  7. i loved life on mars! but it didn't do well here, i believe it was canceled
  8. List the books in order from your favourite to your least favourite. DH, HBP, OotP, PoA, SS, Cos, GoF List the movies in order from your favourite to your least favourite. SS, CoS, DH, OotP, HBP, PoA, GoF Top 5 favourite characters? fred, george, luna, voldemort, harry Five least favourite characters? hagrid, duddy, petunia, vernon, umbridge Three favourite spells? patronus, wingardum levosia,sileno Three favourite potions? felix, love, any healing potion Favourite member of the Golden Trio? ron Favourite family? weasleys Favourite death eater? snape Favourite chapters from t
  9. thanks! i'll def make more Flyleaf stuff. they're my favorite band
  10. Ashley

    Alexxx's Stuff

    ohh how i love your stuff!
  11. i'm a BIG fan of Elf and the first 2 Home Alones. Also i REALLYYYYYYY love The Holiday!
  12. some leonardo dicaprio stuff: from romeo and juliet: from marvin's room:
  13. Ashley


    i made some flyleaf graphics!!
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