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  1. Watching half of my city light up the night sky with fireworks from my panorama kitchen window
  2. No you're not. Welcome to the ranks of the honored dead.
  3. Lol Jonny, I think everything in that pic screams "satire"........so don't become too excited! Nice boots though!
  4. And I thought the way you communicate with others (and the importance you place on it) was an integral part of a personality....so if parts are flawed, how can the whole be perfect ? Philosophical discussion on the nature of Emma's perfect-ness lol ... on second thought, let's not get into it.
  5. Like some others of us, Jonny obviously has his own ideas about "his" perfect Emma, and likes to share some of his ideas on those qualities with others. The more approval he gets, the more "right" he is. Jonny if you want more than 3 words from her for xmas then a little funny whining about it is ok, but actually posting a message from years ago ? Naaah.....
  6. Really good pic. Makes me wonder though (after half an hour deliberation) if i'm not beyond this...
  7. If those are the guys you like then it has done it's job.
  8. Arie I'm just saying what I think. She doesn't have to listen or give a damn about it.
  9. I saw it tonight and even though there were 2 or 3 times where I thought Jackson was stretching it too much it was a fun movie....but I didn't think it would be that LONG! Almost three hours? With a break in the middle? Extended version even now? One of THREE??? I guess I didn't realize what Jackson meant when he said he had "so much material"... But it was great nonetheless. I barely remember the book facts now, but it had all the things I wanted to see in a movie about MiddleEarth....awesome vistas, good fights, well designed props&stuff...and this time even more "stand up comedy" (
  10. Now I sure don't know why you think you need that metal in your face but it beats the lip-ring you had before....from a distance those things look like remnants of your last meal... Shit I sound horrible....I just think you don't need piercings.
  11. My eyes aren't what they used to be...guess what they made me do ?
  12. Jonny and ling lol.... I like seeing emma with an axe and an expression that says "make my day , punk !" though ...
  13. Maybe. (If I didn't have to leave the house) That would make my grey-green eyes stand out. Sorry to interrupt you girls ....
  14. Jonny what do you want to tell us with pics of emma's eyes? Or did you just forget to add some provocative line to the post ?
  15. Really? I've always wondered where that crap came from. Running around dressed up and kitted out for hundreds of $ in real gear with a gun that shoots little plastic thingies....
  16. The USA and gun control are two things that just don't mix well to create "the same situation" everywhere. Maybe the US needs a sort of segregation where there are certain areas (or towns/cities/states) which do not allow private weapon ownership and transport, and areas where the laws remain as they are - so over time ppl who feel a certain way about this will naturally gravitate to their preferred area. Which of course will still not protect you from someone coming from "outside" to commit such a crime on the "inside" - but total security is an illusion anyway. I think Japan may have some
  17. As an outsider I don't really know the US gun laws, but isn't there a lot of things that would have to come before more restrictive laws? What about more (armed) personnel in schools or people actually locking away their guns when they are not in use? The guns used didn't belong to the person who did it? Anyway I think it would be hard to tell someone on the west coast who never got into trouble with the law to give up his guns because some some person on the east coast went nuts....
  18. Engagement...? ...Children...? ...I'll curse the world again for not being american....
  19. Pfff pope...who cares? Emma forever!
  20. I haven't been a very attentive one but anyways... Happy Bday NZkim !
  21. Wish we could get a bigger version of the one where she wears that earth-tone (leather?)jacket. A real big one.
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