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RELAXING all my exams are over! :ohyeah:


Lucky. It seems like june is gonna be tough for me. 1 month of studying more, 4 classes of english per day and exams in the last week of june and I'm already tired to study, to even sit in the class.


I've just worked out, as I was depressed and I needed some endorphins and it helped and I felt good but now I lost appetite and depressed again -.- thinking about going to bed, but gotta prepare for tomorrow's work.

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Why is beer so expensive? Drinking Tea.


well yeah good quality beer is quite expensive. Well it's so hot these days and I saw cold beer in the fridge and I couldn't resist but drink it quickly and I felt drunk quickly and started saying random weird things and laughing. Eh. xD


Just worked outtttt, whyyyyy squats are soooo harddddd >.<

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