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Pulling a bee stinger out of my thumb. I haven't been stung in ten years... I'd forgotten how it feels  -_- 
I haven't cursed this much in a looooooong time, and instead of helping me, my older sister recorded my spaz out.


If anyone has any home remedies that would ease the swelling and throbbing, please share. My whole thumb is red. I have a cold compress (no ice) on it right now.

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I'm currently in my third day of being stuck in a hospital bed, being given antibiotics, antisickness, painkillers and being fed via intravenous drip..


Holy crap comrade Chris, what did you do, survive a suicide bomb attack on parliament ?

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Playing Zombie Tsunami, and after that if my zombies are dead I post here then play 4 pics 1 word and I've been stuck there on level 514 on about a week! >.<

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