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Yes, her name actually is Lights, it was Valerie but she legally changed it a few months ago.


I only just discovered who she was in July. The first time I heard her, it took a while to get used to her voice, but I think the way she sings really suits the type of music she does. I also like that her songs are original - if I'm not mistaken she wrote a song about World of Warcraft (she absolutely loves gaming) called Lions, and her newest single My Boots is a "winter jam" (she decided to write something about winter since there are already so many songs about summer) where she basically sings about her boots letting her enjoy the snow. :P


In such a short time I've come to like this girl a lot. Here's some links you might want to look at:


Official Website


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I saw her in concert. I was front row for her. :) She's amazing live and her music is very relaxed which is a nice change from what I usually listen to. I was kinda surprised how many guys are into her. I thought for sure she was going to be more "chick" music or whatever but no, I was wrong. I'm glad that more guys are into her cause she really is fantastic.


She switched from keys, to snyths to guitar effortlessly. I haven't heard her with BMTH? You got a video Ashley?

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omg i'm jealous you got to see her live! I'm so sad she's not coming anywhere near me on her next tour :(


and yeah guys are NUTS about her haha. Can't blame them though she's like perfect haha.


you haven't heard?! :o

there's no videos but you can listen to the songs:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_nli-xIQSM (this one's my favorite)


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I haven't seen her new tour dates. I wonder if she is coming back down this way. I would go by myself if I had to. Not many of my irl friends are into her. Makes me sad.


She is really hot but yeah, she's got it all. She's talented as all hell.


Song is pretty awesome! Listening to the drums is amazing. This is really good. Wow. I have to get these songs now. Amazing. I got goosebumps! haha Thanks Ashley. :D

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you're welcome!!!

I know how you feel about going to shows alone if you have to! I have to do that with all the bands i love because no one here listens to what i listen to :(

anyways, I hope she comes your way again! :)

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It kinda sucks going alone. I don't have a wing man so I can't talk to girls. :\ Oh well, we'll see. Thanks! I haven't gone to a concert since she came here in March. Epic show. If she does come to you, don't hesitate to go. She puts on a hell of a show.


This is kinda crappy but here is a video I took at the show:

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I'm so happy people are finally posting in this! :lol: I thought I was the only one for a while haha.


I was supposed to see her live last April, but it didn't work out D:


Flux and Flow is my favourite song off of Siberia.



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I saw her live, and actually taped the whole concert (audio), so I have a live recording of the show. I'm a bad boy! :P


She was amazing live, and definitely blew me away! Everyone was waiting to talk to her after the show, but since A.) I'm very shy, especially around celebrities, and B.) I had absolutely nothing I could have said to her, I just left and went on home.


I have a hard time picking between her two studio albums. Some days, I like The Listening better, and some days, it's Siberia.

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