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Name: Surya

Age: 19 (7th September, 1991)

Graphics: 4 years

Programme: Photoshop CS5

Will Post: Avatars, signatures, wallpapers/blends, retouches,etc.

Inspiration: Emma Watson,Rupert Grint, Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Sarah Gadon,Emilie deRavin, Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, random stock, other films and TV shows, nice photoshoots, etc.


I take a very long time to make blends and large graphics, so I'm starting with some icons.


Comments, suggestions, criticism, and requests will be greatly appreciated! :ohyeah:



Sarah Gadon:


Emma Watson:

MTV Movie Awards (Emma's kisses)


MTV Movie Awards after Party


Lancome Party (OMG! I love her Dress!!! :wub: )



Hope you like them. :)

Will post blends, signatures,etc. asap.

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You have talent girl, I love your coloring & cropping.

Can't wait to see more.

Aww... thank you so much sweetie! It means a lot coming from you! :3m_sie:


these are amazing :)!! keep up the amazing work :)

Thank you soooo much!!! :3m_sie:


Beautiful icons, Surya :king:

Thank you!!!I love your work,btw. :3m_sie:



wow gorgeous icons

Aww...thank you so much! :3m_sie:



Thank you soooo much hun!!! :3m_sie:



I was so busy with my cousin sister's wedding today, which btw, was a lot of fun! Finally got some time to make 3 sets. Hope they turned out ok. :ph34r: I personally didn't like the second set's outcome. :/ Maybe its the font, or the fact that I made it in a hurry...I don't know.





Incase anyone is interested in the photos of the girl in the second and third set, you can find them here. :)

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Gorgeous I love the new graphics you've made. You have pure talent! I love all the Emma and the Taylor Swift graphics!

Thank you Jade!!! Glad you like them. :) :3m_sie:



wow i love everything, ur stuff is brillant<333 :excited:

aww...Thank you so much!! <3 :3m_sie:




I'm currently obsessed with the Zoomed Radial Blur Filter. :ph34r:


Emma Watson Vogue Magazine shoot:





The Lovely Bones (Film): Wanted to make something colourful and vibrant. :P



College's been keeping me so busy these days. :( But I'll try to make a larger graphic, when I get the time) :)

Meanwhile, I hope you guys like the icons. :D

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Ah when I get photoshop nack I'm doing the vogue shoot. Your icons are gorgeous.

Sorry for replying so late, Jade. Thank you so much and I love the wallpaper that you made with the pics. :3m_sie:


Love the colouring on the icons!

Thank you! :)


Your icons are brilliant, I love how vivid they are.

Yeah, I love vibrant and bright colouring. :lol: Thanks hun! <3


the lovely bones!!!! <333333

:lol: I love the book/movie too!


In love with your colors. <3



Thank you so much!!! :3m_sie:


all those Emma icons are sooo gorgeous!! :)

Thank you! :D



Its been a while... Anyway, here are the new things I made.


Icons (Supernatural):

A special thanks to Ashley, for being amazing and giving me the links to Jared/Jensen picture galleries! :3m_sie:


Sets: (Currently obsessed with round corners :/)

Emma Watson:


Breaking Dawn:

Edited by Surya
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aww...thank you so much!!! The BD set took the least amount of time, so I wasn't sure if the outcome was good. :lol: Glad to know you like it! :3m_sie:

Edited by Surya
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