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  1. Unreal


    Can't wait for the Aus-Open final. I'm cool with whoever wins to be honest, djokovic has been great.
  2. definitely one of my all time favourite movies... it's hard to deliver such a wonderful job on such a great novel... wow! :') loveeee love love
  3. Can't stand Romney... not giving a woman the right to decide on abortion? homophobia? capital punishment? His views are just... Not that Obama's amazing either, but hey... if you've gotta choose between the two, Obama for sure.
  4. Well when you go through arrivals you know you have to walk down that long lane with people waiting all around, at the beginning next do the door is a gateway where they let important people pass straight away and avoid walking down that. Although obviously people can still chase them from there. I don't think it's that bad though?
  5. i liked the style of the dress, but not the colour/pattern. kinda prefer her in chanel/burberry eg 2010's met gala was one of her best dressed moments.
  6. this looks like its gonna be interesting
  7. hahahha.. crazy match. munich is going to be interesting, since half the teams suspended lol.
  8. safe and sound.. taylor swift ft. civil wars
  9. yeah! im a londoner so can't wait. the money thats gone into it is ridiculous though. i was at the olympics borough flag unveiling and met with jonathan edwards who holds the record for the triple jump the other day, which was great, and listened to loadsa athletes give different advise. it's pretty exciting, i hope britain do us proud
  10. loooove the new picture haha.
  11. Because I've had many people bring up the same point on compassion and misunderstanding the actual effects of this campaign, and so my post was a response to anyone who thought that way. I think it's great that you've read more about it and changed your mind. We were all surprised and horrified when the video came out, that such things were happening, and I was the first to encourage people about it. However, it is through reading and investigating that we realize there is more than meets the eye. Don't worry, it wasn't directed at you, I completely get you. :3m_sie:
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