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Welcome to the new forum everyone, its pretty awesome, but does mean i need to start my photography thread all over again :rolleyes:


So, here we go.




Rhinos and a Zebra at the Zoo


Sunset(sort of) behind a tree


Meerkat at the Zoo, the light was soooo bad that day


Tiger at the Zoo



Leopard at the Zoo





Not my best pictures, but the most recent ones ive got, i hope to return soon with some better quality ones

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no, bad light :P


-Leopard, there was a kid in the way so i had to crop him out which didnt leave much room for the cat.

-Tiger, bad light therefore lots of noise in the picture, and large crop because it looks better not surrounded by a metal fence.

-Meerkat, bad light.


I'll upload some older photos just to prove it.


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1st one is nice ;) very nice


rest? can be. personally i [or at least im trying to :P] dont publish bad photos.

if there is bad light or disturbing objects - dont try to explain it... just dont post it ;)


you need hard selection.. then you'll realize how many pictures are rejected. you will realize that you need to be better - and then you are doing what you can to be that way!


i dont want to be mean, dont understand me wrong :P

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Sunset(sort of) behind a tree

Only a Canon 1000D


LOVE these! They're stunning. Wish I had night settings on my camera >.<


Only a Canon 1000D? :mellow: I'd die to have a Canon EOS range camera even if it's an older version.

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