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I am actually surprised that no one has written an innuendo such as: “Want to see my wand?â€




No one here would have the balls to say that to her!



Never in my life that I would say something that to her. I would even be to scared.



same here would never say that.


Perhaps it's time to make myself a HP magic wand replica, just in case I ever get the chanse… 

"Wanna see my magic wand?"

*wait for her to get puzzled*

If I knew her for a little bit I might say it for the lulz

*show her an actual wood wizard's wand*

"Wait, why the funny face? What on earth were you thinking?"  :rofl:


Of course there are more than 5 words, so that prank would be not possible.

Still fun to think about it, haha!


What I would really do is not to say anything, and take the 5 words time to just admire her beauty. =)

I guess silence is more worthy than words, she would be happier then if I pick something to say, and so would I.

Now cheers! (oh my god, no beer-mug smile?)

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