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This quote from her interview in Parade magazine:






In all her worldliness and travels and experiences and intelligence, I think Emma can be a bit naive when it comes to guys. I'm telling you from a guy's point of view that this guy she dated knew who she was and everything about her. Guys can see other guys' schemes from a mile away. Just like girls can tell what other girls' games are and when they're being manipulative or b**chy.


She's one of the most famous actresses in the world. Plus the whole Ivy League was abuzz with Emma Watson and which school she would pick. He knew who she was. He did his research and had a plan. His research told him she wanted to be a regular person and didn't want to be inundated with HP fans. His plan - hang back, take it slow. Don't be a part of the first onslaught of guys vying for her attention and/or affection. He played the waiting game.


Then when he made his move he acted as if he didn't know her. That's intriguing to her. It caught her attention and drew her in. It's like the Seinfeld episode where Elaine goes out with the unattractive, dorky guy not because she's into him but because he doesn't remember her. Same thing here.


Emma obviously likes guys and likes dating. That's why she's been seen getting close with so many. I believe she's an affectionate person and needs to feel close to someone and feel love. Some of her choices in guys has been less than stellar. If she doesn't have her brother and her father watching out for her, she's gonna end up with some douche that's going to break her heart.


Oh and btw, for the ladies on the forum - some guys are the real deal, they're really that nice. But a lot of guys will say anything they have to to get you where they want you.


Sorry for the getting on my soapbox there, it's just that how some guys treat women really gets under my skin.


This is off topic but I saw your avatar and with out noticing I was hearing Jeff Bridge's voice in my head as I was reading your post. ha

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I got to thinking about this subject again the other day. I'm still of the belief that the guy she dated was playing her. He may not have been an HP fan or known much about it but I still say he knew who she was. I know some of you disagree with me.


Just look at the facts. She's a huge star. The people she goes to college with have been the target demographic for Harry Potter since the movies began. A very big deal was made out of her choosing to go to school there. And it's a very small college. There's only about 6,000 undergrads there. As far as colleges go, it's hard to get lost in 6,000 people.


I've gone to a decent sized university that was a lot larger than Brown. And when a major American football star came to school there everybody knew. Even those who weren't into football knew who it was and knew him when they saw him in class or around campus. Now you're gonna tell me that a guy whose claim to fame is high school football is going to be more widely known by a much larger student body than a world famous actress, model and fashion icon would be known by a student body of less than 10,000?


I just don't buy it.


Thus, I think the guy was playing games.


Dude, you write alot of stuff on this forum...how much do they pay you to write? I dont mind having a job like that..

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Dude, you write alot of stuff on this forum...how much do they pay you to write? I dont mind having a job like that..


Well, you know, The Dude is like a columnist. He may or not get paid. And he's a pretty darn good one. ;)

Actually, I am still studying espionage. Quite good fun, really.

Sorry to interrupt.

*Slinks off ninja-like* :ph34r:

Proceed. :D

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Well, you know, The Dude is like a columnist. He may or not get paid. And he's a pretty darn good one. ;)

Actually, I am still studying espionage. Quite good fun, really.

Sorry to interrupt.

*Slinks off ninja-like* :ph34r:

Proceed. :D

The Dude has no life. Any that he may have had has been taken by his wife.

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