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    Sea world, I hang with Dax. He knows Shamu
  1. So, he finally came through. We predicted December 2017 I think.
  2. I never keep up with twitter and the like, thanks for the updates KS.
  3. John


    Someone actually made a mod for just this reason, it changes all spider textures with bears. The result might be a bit more frightening though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D08XkfPNQyI
  4. John


    Playing the hell outta Skyrim right now. Amazing game.
  5. Was she at the film festival there?
  6. That's not necessarily... I don't even..
  7. Looks like we have some information about release dates here.
  8. Where do these things come from? oh jesus now they're combining!
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