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So here's the deal. I was in India with my parents and maternal grandparents over christmas and new year. The last week of the trip my parents and I stayed with one of my mom's previous working colleuges and her family, (my grandparents went home earlier).


One day my mom's working colleugue had her husbands brother (her brother in-law), his wife and their new born baby over for coffee (the baby was 6 months).

So we had coffee and talked and laughed. I carried and cuddled with their baby boy, they even brought us gifts even though we had never met them. They were just the nicest family and I liked them instantly.


Yesterday on facebook, my mom's colleuge's husband updated his status saying that the mother and baby are dead and that the father (his brother) was in the hospital with a coma and fighting for his life.



It's just so tragic. I can't wrap my head around the fact that 2,5 weeks ago I was cuddling with the baby and laughing with the mother and now both of them are dead. The baby will never experience his first birthday and the mother was only 23 (four years older then myself). Her life had barely started before it was taken away from her. :(


Most of my friends in college are 22-23 and it's impossible for me to imagine that they could just die :(


It reminds me of how fragile life is and of how important it is to not take the people you love for granted.


My prayers and thoughts are with the family constantly and even though I didn't really know them I can't help but feel sad for their tragic fate. The worst will be when the dad wakes up and finds out his family is dead. :(

They just seemed so happy and in-love.


It wasn't their time to go :( It was way to soon.


Sorry for blabbering. I just needed to get this out of my system. I want to honor this family. And everyone else who have lost someone feel free to share. Whether it was sudden or not.



Sorry if I sound stupid :/


peace out! :sob:

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Hi there!


I guess it always feels that way when someone close to your heart passed away so suddenly. I've also experienced this kind of situation twice...two of my trusted friends died on separate occasions. One died from heart attack and the other from what I call "nightmare" (I don't know, he just died when he's asleep)..


Same as you, I could still remember our happy days together and never will I forget those moments..they've been great friends to me and I just can't thank them enough..


I really felt nothing (or more like numb!)at first when I was informed of their deaths..I was like in the denial state. I was not thinking that I'll never see them again..I'm still thinking that I'll see them on the next school day..until the day that I actually saw her and him in the casket...I didn't even noticed that I was crying a river..just felt like the whole world was crashing down on me. All the laughter we've shared came rushing in which made me felt worst..


It was really really sad but then I just thought that maybe they've already done their part in this world. Our Heavenly Father misses them already and He wants them back.


Sudden or not, all of us will eventually die..it's just a matter of time. Either way, we just have to be prepared spiritually and emotionally. Treat each day as if it's our last! That's actually what I've learned from my friends' deaths..they've been good and I'm pretty sure they are happy wherever they are now...


And for us who were left, let's just move on..we will all be together in the end!:)

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That is horrible! I feel very sorry for them and for their family :(.


It's always awful when someone close to you dies, especially when they're so very young and still have a whole life to come. When I was still in grammar school and fourteen years old, a girl from school who was one class lower and one year younger suddenly died "out of nothing" in her sleep. It appeared that a bacterial infection had caused cardiac arrest during the night. It was her mother who found her in the morning. It was the day we were about to perform the school play, and I remember I was at home with my boyfriend because class didn't start until 12:30 PM for us or so, and a friend called to tell me the play had been cancelled because a girl had died. I simply couldn't believe it. I didn't know her personally, but I came in the same class as some of her close friends and I remember how hard it was for them. Everyone was just stunned how a happy, healthy thirteen-year old could die out of nothing. It is so terrible :(.

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:( It's very sad, but as you said, we have to remember that life can be very short, something that we tend to forget because in many countries people are living longer and longer... These deaths are tragic though.


I had a thought for two of my fellows who died a few yeard ago, around their 16-17. One of them was epileptic, the other had diabetes. I can't do anything but this story will stay in my mind for a while, and I'll try to live my life better to honor them, because I'm lucky enough to be alive right now and they're not.

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