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Quiz: Do you know Emma?

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it's the one dish she would eat for the rest of her life or smth.


I totally hated that when I ate it in GB (not sure if it was Heinz' but still)



Congrats, right answer! She said it during her interview with Nick Grimshaw on BBC 1.


Well, question number 2.


What happend (and why) to Emma during the shooting of this sequence of "Harry Potter"?



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During the filming of this sequence, as everyone was drinking tea, X.Lovegood makes a funny sipping sound and Emma couldn't stop laughing - it happened for several takes and she also got red card for that.


(this is what I know of... not sure if anything else happened too :unsure:)



Again: well done. The answer is correct. A red cards costs L 5,--, btw.


Third and last question for today. What has the following item to do with Emma (I am not kidding and have nothing bad in mind!)



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When she was v. small, she said she wanted to be a mattress.


This reminds me of how many useless trivia I've read



When she was three years old, her grandmother asked here what she will be when she is grown up. She said: "A princess, a fairy or a mattress (actress)."


Yup, well done!

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