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Emma, The Little Mermaid, Rumor

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Muggle Net is reporting that Emma has signed on for "The Little Mermaid" live action film. They're saying that this is the reason why she dropped out of "Cinderella" and "Your Voice in My Head". They are also saying that she has already begun training for this film at an aquatics facility in LA. The training includes scubba diving, synchronized swimming, and diving. This is a rumor. Fingers crossed that it becomes fact. :)

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I'm beginning to think this was and April Fools joke and I fell for it , hook, line and sinker. LOL Pun intended. The sad part is I think I fell for it last year too. :( LOL

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Don´t worry tabitoo i hate April jokes too. Exspecially when it is so cold outside.


But i´m glad it is not true, because in would prefer to see her in rich opulent dresses than in seashell bh and fishtail^^

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