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Emma interview photos in Los Angeles-6/5/13

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I didn't want to bother myself to post them coz they are LQ's, there's the hires too though but tagged and even if I untag them I don't post these, and they'll be made public sooner or later. But she's so beautiful!

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Beautiful pics of Emma!!! :)


Johnny I dont find it funny at all you using my screen name please take it out of your siggy. I will give you 3 days to remove my screen name before I report your disrespect.

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Are you by any chance talking to me?

If yes, please try to write my name correctly. Otherwise I have to report you for beeing disrespectful.


This is actually silly of you as she KRISTEN aka CBMAC12 is American and Johnny is the way it is written in the  american as well as british english. There is no disrespect from her side there. Just because she added an h doesn't mean she disrespects you.

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