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Emma And Other Celebrities

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Do you think Emma hangs out with other celebrites?


We have seen her with George Craig,and Daniel and Rupert(of course xD),but do you think she has any other celebrity friends,because I don't see her in that lets say group of people enjoying being famous...?

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I don't think so. If Emma hangs out with another celebrity it's because she enjoys their company not because they're a celebrity and she's like "oh let's hang out and be famous together." I don't see Emma as that type. I think Emma just enjoys being Emma and she's stated numerous times that she just wants to be normal.

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Well she doesn't seem to hang out with any other BIG celebs! But there's been photos of her and that Sophie girl from UK Top Model, the girl who modelled for Emma's People Tree Collection. Then apart from George Craig... can't think of one :king:

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