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I really like a couple of her songs, but I guess that's not enough to make me a fan. She's a classy dresser and stays out of the tabloids, mostly just positive stories in the news about her.

Same here, and I also like she's really into communicating/interacting with fans.

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I started listening to Taylor about 6 months ago (yeah, thats late!). Here's precisely how I got introduced to her:

I'm a fan of Owl City, and there's a cover of Taylor's Enchanted (mentioning Taylor's name) by Adam Young. The story behind the song is interesting. Then I listened to the original version and liked it. I started listening to Taylor's most popular songs and liked them.. But the thing that got me to love her is her live performances. Her Speak Now world tour performance is simply fantastic! I just love her expressions of joy and happiness - the way she cherishes the moments of appreciation from fans! Her connection with the fans is indeed the most fascinating thing about her. Her journey is amazing! â¤

Now I watch the Speak Now world tour at least twice a week!

Does that make me Swiftie?!

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