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I LOVE the Oscars, watch it every single year. It starts in Germany at 2am and I always have to watch it the whole night trough and of course the next day is a monday and I am just too tired, but I just love it!!


Anyways, do You watch the Oscars?


My bets this years are definitely on Natalie Portman(Black Swan), Colin Firth(The Kings Speech)/ James Franco(127 hours). I think The Social Network will have very good chances as well. What do You think?

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definitly natalie portman, definitly.


But inception might get a big nod i reckon


I also think Inception will get a nomination for Best Picture,Best Director and so on.. But I guess it will go home with Best Special Effects award or Best Screenplay, but The Social Network will likely win Best Screenplay.. but who knows, I am excited to see the nominations


Yeah I think it is gonna be Natalie Portmans year, even though I would love to see Michelle Williams win the Oscar for Blue Valentine

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As everyone agrees I totally believe in Natalie Portman :yesyes: I haven't seen the King's Speech yet but really want to see it and think it will do well in nominations.

Inception will be nominated for special effects (also Narnia) and possibly screenplay I think. Probably Burlesque and the Tourist for musical/comedy! Or one way or another Johnny Depp will be nominated because he always is... (and never wins GRRR!)

Tangled (haven't seen yet, not come to Sweden) will be nominated and most likely win the animation category. Or maybe Toy Story 3?

Alice in Wonderland will squeeze it's way in one category or another as well.

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Well I enjoyed watching the oscars the prior years. But now I think it's just silly. All the recources they spend for it can be used for more important stuff. It's only a lobby. Buut I also believe Inception will win a few oscars, imo the best movie of 2010.

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