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Right???? I actually yelled. I am so excited they pulled off such an epic surprise. I can't stop thinking about it!!!




Toby looked so freaking sexy in that black hoodie and intense look on his face!!! There was also a great photo Marlene King posted on her Twitter of the first glimpse of Toby as A. I love it!!!







One more thing:


(about the rest of season 3. Gave me chills!!!)

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Haha me too actually! I didn't know how else to react lol I'm pretty sure my neighbors heard me :P

Oooh I agree, he looked real sexy!


The whole episode had me in chills from the beginning, one amazing episode!


Thanks for the link, off to read now :)

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Ι can't, I can't even. I CAN'T. Awesome episode, so many feelings, so many theories my head's about to explode.

Toby; That's something I did NOT see coming. I mean he was always a suspect -Like pretty much EVERYONE in Rosewood though lol- but still that was in the beginnings, things were different later on. But then again things may not be as they seem. Maybe he's a double agent?



And Caleb ugh my poor baby :( But seriously how could Nate shoot him? Unless it wasn't Nate and was someone else. HSBSHSDBDHFBFHF aaaaaaargh!



edit: i just read the interview Arie posted! OMG



TVLINE | Let’s end on one of your signature vague-but-juicy teases for the coming season. I think the enemy being amongst us is a lot scarier than the enemy within. Season 3B is about what happens when it’s standing right before you — in your face and under your roof.



So many theories, so many suspects I can't even! I'm trying to think of someone with a major motive!

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I'm not using spoilers because at this point I think it impossible to have not already found out.


I have heard a lot about the double agent theory but it was pretty much shot down. All the interviews with teasers talk about his in season 3B we will find out a lot more about Toby. I think even in the interview I posted he discussed it. I don't like the double agent theory. I think it's more interesting this way. Honestly, it's only made me think Toby is hotter!! Gotta love a bad boy!


It was also confirmed that Nate shot Caleb right before he died. We arent supossed to know if Caleb lives or not. But there is no way he is being killed off. Also there are a lot of interviews from before that episode that talked about upcoming Caleb and Hannah stuff.


Wasn't that interview great??


You guys should read the wetpaint pretty little liars stuff. They basically gather all the spoilers up. But they also talk about the stuff we are all confused by and have different theories going. They get a lot of it confirmed though. Like the Nate shooting Caleb thing I found out from there.

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^I'm onto it!


My thoughts about the double agent theory are pretty much divided. On one hand it makes sense if he really loves Spencer. However I don't think the A team are fools. They wouldn't trust Toby coming to join them out of the blue. Plus, as the interview above clearly states, Toby could easily be holding a grudge against the girls, for not doing anything to prevent him from going to jail. So it pretty much makes sense that Toby was part of the A team all along.


Unless A is blackmailing him with something, forcing him to take part in all this. Who knows. I'm really looking forward to learning more details about his past and his story! You're right, so much hotter! :P


Also I'm curious about the whole Ezra-Maggie-Aria plot.


I love Aria's sense of fashion!

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There is such good stuff on there!


I honestly love bad Toby and really like the idea that he is totally bad. If he was a double agent, i don't think the story line would be as good. But that's just my opinion of course. It was so surprising and I love that! I read something else about how Toby really loves spencer so it's going to be interesting to find out more!! I am so excited about that! Apparently we already find out more starting with the Halloween episode. Which I can't wait for! I'm sure it will be super scary. Also Adam lambert is guest staring!!


I just love is whole toby on the A team business. I think it's a great piece to the story. Much more satisfying to find out then Mona.


The Maggie Ezra thing is very interesting. Also, Greg Sulkin.... Yum. I'm really interested to see how that plays out. But I hope they don't draw it out too long. Sometimes those stories take away from the main story.


I love aria, she is hands down my favorite!


Also, I still don't trust Paige. That girl has issues!


Also, what ever happened to Lucas? I mean they found the drugs in his stuff. And Melissa? I'm also starting to think Jenna is good.

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There is an awesome first look out of the Halloween special if you like a facebook page. I got it through Keegan's Twitter. Toby walks in with Spencer and OMG. I will never look at him the same haha. Check it out!!!

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^its awesome!!! Got me so excited!



I'm so opposite you guys! I am obsessed with Ezra, Aria, Toby and Spencer. Those are my tops. Those are the characters I relate too the most also. In real life I am actually like mix of aria and spencer. Pretty weird lol

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Mine too! Just love these two!

haha yay :D





just finished watching the first 4 episodes of the dirty secrets. well, they definitely brought more secrets lol.

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